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Thread: Forget Renewables, Natural Gas plants now have zero CO2 Emissions

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    Forget Renewables, Natural Gas plants now have zero CO2 Emissions

    While Democrats rail against the oil and gas industry, fossil fuel companies have built a natural gas plant with zero carbon dioxide emissions. The plant, which puts out 50 megawatts of electricity, has been operating near the town of La Porte, Texas for just over a year. It uses a new type of system called the Allam Cycle.

    The process involves burning fossil fuel with oxygen instead of air to generate electricity without emitting any carbon dioxide (CO2). Not using air also avoids generating NOx, the main atmospheric and health contaminant emitted from gas plants.

    The process burns natural gas, though it can also do the same for gasified coal, producing CO2 and water. The CO2 is used to turn the turbine and then is recycled. Excess CO2 is piped away for sequestration or to be sold to vendors which then use it for products like carbon fiber materials or carbon nanotubes. Nothing escapes into the atmosphere. The La Porte plant doesn't have a stack.

    The plant is not only smaller, but when combined with the sale of carbon dioxide and other byproducts, produces dirt cheap electricity, about 1.9 cents per kilowatt-hour as opposed to 4.2 cents per kilowatt-hour from a conventional natural gas plant.

    ps: I'll admit that this high-tech science world we live in today continues
    to rise above what my average mind can absorb. But I do see an
    interesting fact here in that this plant will be selling CO2 instead of the
    leftist desire to eliminate as much CO2 as possible. I've got to do more
    homework on this one, for I see a possible $$ bonanza for some stock
    IPO out there just waiting for the right time to hit the market.
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    What will Al Gore do with all those carbon credits?

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    The company I worked for bought a lot of CO2 that was a byproduct of ethanol production, for use as a welding shielding gas. At that point, the CO2 escapes into the atmosphere. Depending on the welding process, some of the CO2 does react and ozone and some other byproducts are produced.

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    Eh I got the gr8est most "awesomest" Methane Gas Plan..

    Got like $40/ $50 in Taco Bell cards..

    Let me "pig" out and some 6-packs of beer to get it all "mixing"..

    If the EPA shall "show" UP ..

    Let get "em" ..

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    some oil trapped in underpressurred formations move better with CO2 injection then would happen under natural gas injection.
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    Great news.

    Still, though. Natural Gas IS a finite resource.

    We may have centuries until it is depleted, but, inevitably, the species needs to find more sources of energy.

    (Which will happen, I think, if we don't tear each other to shreds beforehand.....)
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