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Thread: Media use of White Supremacy after El Paso and Dayton

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    The communists have always used labels effectively. Over the past few years they have been trying to link "white Supremacy" with "nationalist" and closed borders.

    White supremacy already has a link with violence, which is reinforced when the progressives label (falsely) the recent shooters as white nationalists.

    Their objective - as this thread explains - is to link violence with conservatives and anyone who opposes open borders, amnesty for illegals, non-citizen voting, and other progressive policies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WildRose View Post
    I love that early model Ridgeback Jug in your avatar. The P47 was one of the greatest fighters and ground support aircraft of the war.

    Oh the White Nationalist/White Supremacy/Neo Nazis are out there if you know where to look, very loud, and very vocal, there just aren't enough of them to matter.
    We can turn our back on evil, but it won't go away until God eradicates it once and for all when he intervenes in our depravity.

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