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Thread: Facebook argument escalates into Iowa City knife fight

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    Facebook argument escalates into Iowa City knife fight


    Facebook argument escalates into Iowa City knife fight

    by Brad Vidmar
    IOWA CITY, Iowa — Two women are facing multiple charges after police say a Facebook argument ended in a knife fight last week.

    According to a criminal complaint, on Friday, August 2nd, Euniece L. Aaron, 24, and Mercedes J. Hendrix, 25, both of Iowa City, “engaged in a verbal altercation on social media over a facebook post.”

    Hendrix told police that her son was at Aaron’s apartment and Aaron told her to pick him up at Aaron’s Iowa City residence.

    When Hendrix arrived, her and Aaron began arguing outside the apartment.

    The complaint says that Aaron was holding a knife and started slashing Hendrix, sustaining three stab wounds to her left arm that required medical attention.

    Aaron told police she’s 34 weeks pregnant and claimed she was kicked twice in the stomach by Hendrix.

    Hendrix denied kicking Aaron and claimed she only pushed Aaron in self defense to prevent further injury.

    Both Hendrix and Aaron were taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries.

    Read the rest of the article here: CBS 2 Iowa
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    Two hood rats defining the future of this country.

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    This is such a sad commentary on our species.
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    Euneice and Mercedes. the reverse of Thelma and Louise.
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    Is this another baby-daddy fight?

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