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Thread: Britain and US Comparisons

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    Post Britain and US Comparisons

    A short piece in rant form brought to you by Pork Chop Politics.

    Nine weeks ago I returned to the UK from S E. Asia where I spent many years working and living in China. I know what authoritarianism looks like, but gradually I adapted and learned to play the system. It was certainly a culture shock, but the biggest shock was returning to the UK and finding out Britain isnít far off China.

    Iím having to learn again how to adapt again in our brave new European Union utopia. Iím credit checked, police checked, my driving licence is checked on a government website, I have to provide my bank details, health status Ė Iím micro-managed down to the finest detail and thatís just to be able to work! Itís no different in China.

    Weíre all older now, so imagine what youíd have said to me if twenty years ago Iíd have told you that in less than two decades youíd be having riots on the streets, your flag would be burned and America would elect a communist homosexual. It already happened in that short space of time, but not only did it happen it became both normalized and accepted in the sense that it now attracts as much outrage as fuel prices going up two cents.

    Thatís how it happens. Bit by tiny bit and itís not even noticed. If youíd have gone into a coma 20 years ago and suddenly woke up today youíd think youíd woken up in a mad house. Bit by bit this sort of thing creeps in and it doesnít matter how many guns youíve got, you couldnít stop Obama being elected, or the results. Left unchecked, the future is a green haired homosexual activist standing on the flag and screaming for open borders Ė the same way Europe went.

    Yet youíre coming at this from the wrong angle. Itís not about the people involved, itís the ideology behind it. The climate change only government taxation can cure. The state as both provider and moral guardian. The Antifa anarchists who hate government and the Muslims who hate Antifa and the feminists who hate the Muslims Ö Cultural Marxism is the father of chaos.

    To understand the current chaos you have to understand how it arose. It didnít exist before Obama, who enabled the hard left to crawl out of the woodwork. The results you now see arenít a spontaneous peopleís reaction to anything, theyíre promoted by the likes of the Clintonís, Cortez, Bernie, Omar and others of their ilk. Itís why the vast majority of liberals sound stupid, itís because there is nothing to fight for except political sound bites provided by a liberal fascist elite. Everyone is a Nazi, fascist, homophobe is about as far as it gets.

    The 60s narcissistic hippy revolution failed because they were badly led and it fizzled out. This one wonít, in fact it will get stronger. As conservatives and traditionalists none of us like authoritarianism. Yet guns arenít the answer and before this gets completely out of control either Trump or whoever follows him will have to eventually declare a short state of emergency and physically remove the hard left from office and power in education, the media, political life and wherever theyíve buried themselves to subvert. If this isnít done and your time is running out, you WILL soon end up like Europe.

    The people didnít lead a revolution in Cuba, Castro did. The people didnít produce the Venezuelan chaos, Chavez did. Remove the causes at the top and the consequences of what you now see will rapidly die out with them.

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    Western commies played the long game. Incrementally increased the government control till we are cooked. It is the frog in the pot of cool water over low heat analogy.
    I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it. ó THOMAS JEFFERSON (1791)

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