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Thread: The President has the moral high ground against the Democrats

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hillofbeans View Post
    You are like a broken record with your chronic posts, did somebody offer your girlfriend some pot for a blowjob and she did it, then you learned about it? What exactly is your problem?
    You Son & Daughter must be recreational drug users ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gator Monroe View Post
    Do you want Drugs / Chronic legalized at the federal level ? Do you want 4th Trimester abortion ??, do you want to lower the Male on Male marriage age ( with Parental consent ) to 15 as NAMBLA does ???
    Those things you listed, no to each of those. That's not how I intended it to work. Except for drugs, that should be a state or local issue though. I personally don't believe in criminalizing of users of weed though.

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