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Thread: Detailing your own Vehicle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calypso Jones View Post
    no tire shine....that's.....almost like scruffy shoes.
    I'll take scruffy shoes over walking around in patent leather. To me it looks phony, new tires don't look like that. Just clean them good with a brush and they look fine, IMHO. Like I said, I had to deal with that stuff when I was still working. Pulling a tire off a car with that crap is a mess. You better wear gloves and not let it touch your clothing.

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    I used to detail the hell out of my previous car (Vette). Wash, clay bar, polish, sealer, etc. Took me forever because I did it without power tools. Now with my current cars, I wash, dry, wax. But I do get every nook and cranny, including door, hood, trunk jambs. I also wipe down everything in the engine compartment. The interior gets a vacuum and all the leather gets conditioner (once a month). It takes me hours, and I'm getting to old for this!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Calypso Jones View Post
    that's right. I do my own detailing cause no one can do it better than me. Hours. I'm thinking of using a little petroleum jelly on the tires...what do you think about that.....any drawbacks i'm not aware of?? I unlike one of t he other posters tire shine but I, like that other poster, do not like what it does to my driveway, the tires, the mess.
    I use this on my tires and plastic trim, it cleans and protects without leaving a gooey mess on the tire.

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