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Thread: Supreme Court Case Repeals Fourth and 10th Amendments, Republican Government

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freewill View Post
    Should you be questioned if you threatened to shoot someone?
    The issue with DUI is it is probably the only "crime" you can be arrested for because you MIGHT do something. This is wrong. Whether you want to accept the facts or not there are millions of people driving "over the limit" every day and almost none of them cause accidents. In fact far more sober people get in accidents than drunk people.

    Additionally being on your phone or driving tired have been proven to be just as if not more dangerous than drunk driving. So why are people on phones not given the same punishment as drunk drivers? If you are on your phone while driving or tired why not lose your license for 6 months, be forced to go to re-education and pay $10,000 in legal fees just like a drunk driver?

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    Ahhhh... a guilty SOB and his lawyer trying to find a loophole . The asshole needs to be taken off the road. There is no violation of rights or repeal of amendments. Drama drama drama.

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