Ex-PH2 | July 17, 2019 |

Iran’s cyber hackers are as dedicated to infiltrating US networks and stealing anything they can get as the Norks’ cyber-poaching group over in Norkiland.


From the June article: In recent weeks, hackers believed to be working for the Iranian government have targeted U.S. government agencies, as well as sectors of the economy, including finance, oil and gas, sending waves of spear-phishing emails, according to representatives of cybersecurity companies CrowdStrike and FireEye, which regularly track such activity. This new campaign appears to have started shortly after the Trump administration imposed sanctions on the Iranian petrochemical sector this month.

It was not known if any of the hackers managed to gain access to the targeted networks with the emails, which typically mimic legitimate emails but contain malicious software. – Article

In addition, ND:tBF is getting antsy because he doesn’t like the restrictions he agreed to in his meet-ups and confabs with The Donald a few weeks ago, and is itching to restart his missile testing flights.


From the article: Amid the diplomatic jockeying, North Korea said Tuesday that expected regular summertime U.S.-South Korean military drills are forcing it to rethink whether to remain committed to the promises it has made to the United States. It cited its moratorium on nuclear and missile tests and other steps aimed at improving ties with Washington.

The statement said Trump vowed to suspend military drills with South Korea during his first and third meetings with Kim, but the expected summertime drills with Seoul and the deployment of weapons in the South show that Washington is not fulfilling that promise.

“With the U.S. unilaterally reneging on its commitments, we are gradually losing our justifications to follow through on the commitments we made with the U.S. as well,” said the statement, carried by the North’s official Korean Central News Agency.

It also said it is not bound by any legal documents to suspend its nuclear and missile tests. – Article.

As you may remember, the Norks have their own corps of dedicated hackers and are the chief suspects in the theft of $80 million++ from the account of the Bank of Bangladesh at the New York Federal Reserve a couple of years ago.

People like this bunch, Norks and Iranians alike, are one reason I don’t do online banking these days. I have a ledger, a pencil and a phone.