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Thread: Ten planks of the communist manifesto

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    Ten planks of the communist manifesto

    Something to digest. what do you think?

    When a large building is built, the construction company usually starts with a set of blueprints. These are often called the "as planned" blueprints. Since construction never goes exactly according to plan, another set of blueprints is often drawn up after the building is completed. These are called the "as built" blueprints.
    The Constitution is without a doubt the "as planned" blueprint for America.
    Which is closer to the "as built" blueprint of America today:
    A. The Constitution?
    B. The Communist Manifesto?


    Our elected representatives have passed laws implementing these anti-freedom concepts. The communists have achieved a de facto FEDERAL SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT in America.

    In 1848 Karl Marx and Frederick Engels wrote a book outlining a political ideology, titled "The Communist Manifesto".Marxism’s basic theme is that the proletariat (the "exploited" working class of a capitalistic society) will suffer from alienation and will rise up against the "bourgeoisie" (the middle class) and overthrow the system of "capitalism." After a brief period of rule by "the dictatorship of the proletariat" the classless society of communism would emerge. In his Manifesto Marx described the following ten steps as necessary steps to be taken to destroy a free enterprise society. Notice how many of these conditions, foreign to the principles that our country was founded upon, have now, in 1992, been realized by the concerted efforts of socialist activists? Remember, government interference in your daily life and business is intrusion and deprivation of our liberties!

    First Plank: Abolition of property in land and the application of all rents of land to public purposes.

    Zoning - Model ordinances proposed by Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover widely adopted. Supreme Court ruled "zoning" to be constitutional in 1921. Private owners of property required to get permission from government relative to the use of their property. Federally owned lands are leased for grazing, mining, timber usages, the fees being paid into the U.S. Treasury.

    Second Plank: A heavy progressive or graduated in-come tax.

    Corporate Tax Act of 1909. The 16th Amendment, allegedly ratified in 1913. The Revenue Act of 1913, section 2, Income Tax. These laws have been purposely misapplied against American citizens to this day.

    all of it here:
    Yep that's why the sleeping Giant of Americans got rid of that thug Obama and his commie hand picked witch Hillary in a pant suit and put in PRESIDENT TRUMP.
    And what gets me is these freaking Libs/Democommie cult members truly believe THEY ARE THE MAJORITY when WE JUST PROVED THEM SO WRONG. I LMAO AT THEM


    DC is a cult of overpaid underachievers living the high life on the backs of the taxpayers.

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    the only problem the ruling communists have, is disguising their contempt for their supporters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jirqoadai View Post
    the only problem the ruling communists have, is disguising their contempt for their supporters.
    Obviously, when it comes to human nature, there is such a thing as "classless" - but the word doesn't mean what Karl Marx said it does. lol

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    Jefferson. His famous "Ignorant and Free" quote. He warned it was an impossible combination.

    Well...half the public is now ignorant of Communism - what it is, what it has done, what it cannot BUT do, because human nature is what it is. So, these people are ignorant about it and they think they want it.

    Sadly, I think they'll get what they think they want. The trick here is to make sure that we are not ensnared WITH them.

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