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Thread: A Serial Public Pooper is Literally Ruining a Town’s Summer With Their Poop, Gets Poo

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    Did you throw the scumbag overboard?
    No...we were Admin Division. The clerks and personnelmen and Navy journalists. Including the Masters at Arms - the ship's police force. Beating the scumbag up, wouldn't do. Our MA chief was a tough, wiry old Filipino - who probably fought it out on the streets of Manilla, as a kid. He was the law, he was proud of the responsibility, and he wouldn't have tolerated any vigilantism.

    No, the guy went up to Captain's Mast. Don't remember what he got but it wasn't much. Probably 30 days' restriction.

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    Maybe this person simply "identifies" as a Golden Retriever.

    Hey, that's what I tell the Manager at Target, after dropping a load in aisle 3.......

    (To which, she promptly states "No dogs allowed!" So, there is that....)
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