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Thread: Sailor Charged With Murder of Another Sailor

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    Sailor Charged With Murder of Another Sailor

    thebesig | July 16, 2019 |

    Doland Alton Thorington, left, shot by Dalen Spence right. (Thorington Family/ Portsmouth Police Department)

    A Sailor is charged with the murder of another sailor. Dalen Spence shot Donald Alton Thorington. When questioned, he claimed that he shot Thorington in self-defense. However, the detectives that interviewed him believe that he had room to escape any danger that Thorington may have presented.

    Thorington’s friends tried to do CPR on him after the shooting. Paramedics rushed him to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

    From the Navy Times:

    A case summary drafted by Portsmouth Police Department Detective W.J. Baker begins with a verbal argument that erupted inside the residence and soon turned physical.

    The alleged instigators were asked to leave but the spat followed them outside, where “the argument intensified and there was a lot of yelling and punches were being thrown by both sides,” Baker wrote.

    Standing on the sidewalk, Thorington was jawing with Harrison White, a 20-year-old Norfolk resident who attended the party. Thorington told White “to come to him,” Baker wrote, but before he could comply Spence stepped in front of him and “pulled his gun out of the holster” and pointed it at the bodybuilder.

    You could read what happens between the above account and the rush to the hospital in this Navy Times article. Spence is currently on bond and is allowed to report for duty with the Navy.

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    And??? Haven't you ever watched NCIS? Sailors and Marines kill each other with amazing regularity on that show.
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