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Thread: For Consumption By Conspiracy Theorists

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    For Consumption By Conspiracy Theorists

    No link. Just saying.

    Was the Manhattan power outage a diversion for a hit on Epstein?

    Maybe, but it apparently didn’t work.
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    How about that ridiculous UFO shit reported by FNC's Tucker Carlson, revolving around Naval aviators, and a who's who of democrats, and CIA operatives at the same time the noose was tightening around the necks of the people responsible for the entire Russia hoax??? Just as soon as the deception about Russia was caving in on them they wove an entirely new series of whoppers sure to distract the shit out of an already dumbed down population incapable of applying critical reasoning to so much as a bean sprout bursting forth from the earth before their very eyes...
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    They wouldn't have to go to that much trouble:

    Step #1. Take him out of solitary, and put him in General Population.

    Step #2. Offer one of the savages a bag of dope to "take care of him."

    Step #3. Either give the savage who did the deed, his bag of dope, or, have a guard kill him.

    But, hell, I thought the reason they had him in solitary to begin with was to put him on "suicide watch." It would be TOO easy to simply leave him alone for a bit, so that HE can do the deed.

    What does surprise me, is that he didn't get suddenly "depressed," and then shoot himself in the back of the head, 6 months ago.......
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