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Thread: Can you trust Science media?

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    I'm currently reading a book about identical twins; the title: "Identically Different" by Tim Spector, Professor of Genetic Epidemiology. He set up the Twins UK register in 1993.

    In chapter 7 he says that when twins die within minutes of each other, it becomes big news around the world. And because the twins have identical genes, it gives a false impression that everything in life is controlled by our genes - as though the timing of natural death is pre-ordained.

    The truth of the matter is that the vast majority of identical twins die many years apart.

    The complete title is, "Identically Different: Why We Can Change Our genes". Yes, we are in control of our genes and it's not the other way around. Our genes are expressed one way or another based on our behavior. Identical twins separated at birth usually do not live identical lives and do not have identical health issues etc.

    But how many times have you heard people blame their poor health on their genes? Or, if you enjoy good health they will tell you you're lucky to have good genes.
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    Any science thread that starts out with links to "Answers in Genesis" is obviously NOT going to yield science of any kind.
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