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Thread: First World Feminists: Air-Conditioning Is ‘Sexist’

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    Quote Originally Posted by sargentodiaz View Post

    The flakes come out of the woodwork like cockroaches scuttling after crumbs.
    In an Afghan village, terrorists throw acid on little girls’ faces, poison their water, and hurl grenades into their classrooms to stop them from going to school. In an American office, some women are a little chilly. For first world radical feminists, the latter issue takes precedence, especially in the scorching summer heat.
    Yesterday, Atlantic staff writer Taylor Lorenz tweeted that air-conditioning is “unhealthy, bad, miserable, and sexist,” bringing attention to a feminist movement against air-conditioning. That’s right, a miraculous wonder of technology that allows people to settle in sweltering climates is now “an engine of the patriarchy.”
    And a/cs remove moisture from the air so people, especially women, have to buy moisturizes manufactured by male-dominated labs.
    For employers, these findings mean that by insisting on the subzero fridges you call cubicles, not only are you making half your employees miserable, you are also sacrificing productivity.
    And the piece goes on and on in a like manner @
    From your link:

    They want men to "Roast" apparently. FWIW: My preferred temperature is 68F/20C.

    A survey from Roast found that the differences in thermal comfort between female and male staffers were insignificant.
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    Even with no men, women will battle over the thermometer. When I was in charge of records almost all of the employees were women. They would reset the thermostat ten times a day with the "I'm freeing" clique battling the "I'm burning up" clique. I finally gave up and had a solid metal box mounted over the thermostat. Both cliques hated me but the bickering shifted to another topic.

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    3 Helpful Tips For The Suffering Feminists Who Are Being Persecuted By Air Conditioning

    Share this with all your female friends and coworkers.
    1. Wear a sweater – simple, isn’t it!
    2. Dress appropriately
    3. Thank God that you live in such comfort and luxury that you have the time and energy to complain about something like this. - think of the uncounted millions who have no idea what air conditioning is.
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