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Thread: Five best smartphone buys for summer 2019

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    Five best smartphone buys for summer 2019

    I donít know squat about them so this is all a matter of the authorís beliefs. Judge for yourselves.
    Google Pixel 3a
    Motorola Moto G7]
    IPhone XR
    Iphone XS
    Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

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    I got a cheap ZTE from WalMart. I figure if the Chinese use it to spy on me they must really be bored.
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    The only thing I needed my stupid Smartphone for was running the Uber app.

    Unfortunately, Uber likes to tighten up what it will support. There's a LONG list of what they will NOT allow drivers (and customers) to use to run the app.

    Fortunately, my Uber days are on hold, but I expect next year I'll pick it up again. Gonna have to...we have the criminals at the Fed launching an inflation firestorm. My retirement's enough - but I'm sure it won't go up, anywhere NEAR as fast as food and shelter.

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    I just bought the ATT el cheapo go phone. 49.95. Not even a name on this POS. So far it is slightly better/different than the than the LG Phoenix 3 POS I had. Still trying to get my AOL account onto it, I can't remember what I used for the email system on the Phoenix. Got Opera installed, but am having difficulty getting rid of Google and using DDG as the SE

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    I'm too deaf to listen to phone calls but am hooked on the calendar, Keep lists, Google Maps, a Spanish and an English dictionaries, and the amazing camera that's so darned convenient.

    My list is certainly different from that one. I'd never buy an iPhone because I'm not religious and Apple is a cult. Motorola is shaky but some of the phones are okay. Samsung makes great hardware and bloated software. I just bought an Xiaomi Mi A2 Android One for my nephew. He's out of town and I've been playing with it and it's impressive for the price.

    I tried posting a photo here and it came out both dark and upside down. Sorry about that.
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