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Thread: 1 in 4 Americans say they never plan to retire despite realities of aging

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    1 in 4 Americans say they never plan to retire despite realities of aging

    Some people work because they enjoy it and it keeps them from getting stale and bored. Others just don’t to accept that they’re getting old.
    According to the poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs
    Research, 23% of workers, including nearly 2 in 10 of those over 50, don't expect to stop working. Roughly another quarter of Americans say they will continue working beyond their 65th birthday.
    According to government data, about 1 in 5 people 65 and older was working or actively looking for a job in June.
    For many, money has a lot to do with the decision to keep working.
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    They also never have a back up plan in case they can't work. Or rather they do have a back up plan...Social Security. To my mind those that plan on working till they die do so because most of them never planned for retirement. So when retirement gets close they realize that they can't retire so THEN they come up with I'll work till I die.

    When I was a young troop in the military I saw a lot of old geezers (like I am now) that retired from the military & I noticed 2 things. The first is that most retired where they were last stationed. I found that odd because you rarely pick that last place that you were stationed & many were in high cost of living areas. The second was that they seemed to have both minor & major health problems within 6 months of retirement. I thought that a lot of that was from trying to adjust to the civilian system. So I bought a house where I wanted to retire before my last assignment & I promised myself that once I retired I would never look back. Both things worked well for me.

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