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Thread: Methamphetamines: the unsung hero of WWII

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    You gotta stay crispy out in the son who has done a couple of tours in the sand box says it was used there in particular to be ultra aware of IED's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rickity Plumber View Post
    Back in my stoopit days I once was on a coke roll and at 3:00AM on a Sunday morning I went to work at a large apt complex under construction back in Toledo.

    I was the contractor for the plumbing at the time so had all gate keys etc to work. I showed up at 3, like I mentioned and started drilling and cutting all my necessary holes for the plumbing drain, waste and vents. I was a cutting and drilling machine! Of course like I said this was a large apt complex so I didn't have to look at prints or lay out the job as I had dome a hundred of these units before. From memory, I was like a hacking fool cutting out for toilets and drilling for drain lines! It was awesome to say the least. Then . . .

    I think by 7:00AM I came crashing down and stopped fast, looked around and could barely roll up the extension cords and pack away the sawzall and Hole Hawg drill !

    I could not get back home to bed fast enough.
    Did that once when we layed carpet at that little bar that used to be at Hutchinson and Ehrlich (the Village or the SHOE shitholeonehrlich) We were doing rails in the bathroom. Then we went to do an apartment in Westchase. Good thing it was vacant, come 7 am I was the only one on the job awake (barely)

    Would not have that problem with meth, more like run out of work and start geeking on some dumb shit.
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    Back in the 1960s, the basement of City Hall was an official air raid shelter. Don't laugh. There were large boxes of emergency supplies in the basement. Periodically, the government would check the boxes and always found the amphetamines had been pilfered. The suspect were police officers working midnight shift.

    I was going on a solo backpacking trip in the Rockies. I called my doctor and told him my plan. I asked him to prescribe some pain killers and amphetamines to get me out of the back country if I sprained an ankle. He'd been my doctor for years and complied. I tossed the pills when I got home.

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