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Thread: You need this emergency kit

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    You need this emergency kit

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    I think I see a hammock and tarp in there. Good call.

    A water filter is better than a few purification tabs. Homemade gravity filter is cheap and light. Old school pump filter is fine. Life Straws suck but better than no filter.

    Another must is a steel single wall water bottle you can boil in.

    An Esbit stove can be used as a twig stove in a long term should the light weight fuel cubes run out. Also cheap, light and small.

    A couple of Bic lighters. A ferro rod to supplement.

    A single AA cell flashlight. Some spare batteries. Much better than glow sticks.

    A Go-lite poncho tarp for weather.

    Day clothes that wick sweat. Night clothes that cover you whole body ( long sleeve and long legs).

    A decent full tang knife you can baton with. A Swiss Army knife with scissors (huntsman 2 is my preference). Full tang fixed knife for fire and shelter. SAK for food prep.
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    Its missing a handgun and extra ammo. ( wink )

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