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Thread: The 4th rolled around again &

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    The 4th rolled around again &

    The 4th rolled around again & also once again people didn't take care of their dogs. Fireworks scares the hell out of dogs so they tend to run away from the noise if they can. Last night we had a little female hiding under our car about 9:15pm. We tried to get her out for about a half hour & I finally had to get a water hose & squirt near her to force her out. We put her in a carrier & she spent the night in our bathroom. This morning I put her in the back yard & then went to take the garbage out. She had just walked through the opening of our gates & was standing there. Back under the car she went. So woke the wife up at 7am & we chased her 3 blocks where she tried to dig under a fence. Sure enough she squirted around the house & sat on the front porch. Banging on the door brought the sleepy owner to the door & yes, she had found her own home. The guy didn't even know that she was missing (doggie door). A happy ending but a very stressful night for us.

    We placed an add for a found pet last night. This morning 3 more missing pets were listed after our add. This happens every 4th of July & I wonder why pet owners don't prepare for it? We keep ours in the house & if they go out we go out with them. People drive me crazy!

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