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Thread: President Trump may intervene in homeless crisis

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    Forced Bussing ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nonsqtr View Post
    You're missing my point.
    I corrected your point. Reagan did not cause the homeless problem. Admit you were wrong and move on.
    I believe the Democrat-controlled states intentionally made themselves magnets for homeless kooks and illegal aliens to increase their populations in time for the 2020 census. Why? Political power.

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    I remember Billie Boggs vs. New York.

    Homeless is an umbrella euphemism that covers drunks, junkies, mentally ill, fugitives, bums, and deadbeats. The government's official position is, "Not our problem."

    I'm with those who think the feds should stay out of it. They caused a large part of the problem when they started subsidizing drunks, bums, junkies, fugitives, the mentally ill, and deadbeats with the SSI program. I was shocked when a drunk told me that if he quit drinking he'd lose everything.

    "What would you lose?"
    "My SSI check, my Medicaid card, my subsidized housing, everything."

    I checked to find out when the law was passed that made drunks and junkies handicapped and put them in line to get the government support. There was no law. The new, fourth branch of government, the bureaucracy, took a very vague "law" and wrote the definitions and regulations making drunks, junkies, and so forth handicapped. When people found out there was a backlash and that was ended so the bureaucrats wrote a new category of "Permanent Emotional Disability". When I was visiting a friend in Hawaii I was given the names of two psychologists who would sign you up with a Permanent Emotional Disability and all it cost you was your first two monthly checks. "What happens if you don't pay?" "You get cured."

    I met a man with a Permanent Emotional Disability and he was obviously quite healthy. I asked what his problem was. He laughed and said, "I don't want to work."
    "Most of us don't."
    "Yeah, but I really don't want to work." He was healthy, had a college degree, and didn't want to work.

    What would you do if they cancelled your SSI check, Medicaid card, housing subsidy, free food, and all the other bennies?"
    "I'd probably get a job but I wouldn't like it."

    I'll go back and read the Constitution today because I missed the part when taking care of drunks, junkies, nuts, deadbeats, and bums was the government's job.

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