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Thread: Ford Employee Fired For Self-Defense Shooting Rehired, Gets Back Pay

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    Ford Employee Fired For Self-Defense Shooting Rehired, Gets Back Pay

    By Megan Hickey
    CHICAGO (CBS) — He was called a “deranged gunman” and charged with attempted murder for a South Side shooting, but after three long years, he’s cleared his name and won his job back.

    In June 2016, then 50-year-old Ford employee Billy Cowart was charged for shooting off his gun in the United Auto Workers 551 parking lot. He struck two fellow union members — both in the leg.

    “They made it seem like I was this villain, I’m shooting up the parking lot willy nilly. It didn’t happen like that,” Cowart said.

    He was fired from Ford, where he had worked for nearly two decades. He spent a year and a half on house arrest, depleted his savings, and says his reputation was destroyed.

    And the legal process was slow, in part because his case was transferred from his original Cook County Judge Joseph Claps after Claps was caught on camera dropping a handgun on the floor in the courthouse last fall.

    The second judge reviewed the surveillance video from the night of the shooting and said the victim, who was intoxicated and seen sucker punching Cowart in the face, was clearly the aggressor.

    The judge ruled that Cowart was legally defending himself.

    “Now, here we are today, 12 counts all dismissed,” said Cowart’s attorney, Irena Stephanovski.

    Cowart had been exonerated but was still out of a job.

    “Ford didn’t want to have anything to do with me,” he said.

    So, he filed a grievance in January and finally won this week. An arbitrator ruled that Ford fired him without just cause and he should be reinstated with no loss of seniority and a year of back pay.

    Read the rest of the article here: CBS Chicago
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    Losing a job for defending yourself....pathetic.

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    Todays corporations are at the forefront of all this bullshit. There will come a time when these bastions of political correctness will need to be driven out of business, and their leaders held accountable for all the misery they've created.

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    He should never have been prosecuted. Whoever decided to prosecute obvious self-defense should be fired.


    PeteS in CA

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    Quote Originally Posted by MedicineBow View Post
    Losing a job for defending yourself....pathetic.
    "Woke" corporations.

    Their employees and mid-level managers better wake the fcuk up. This shit...can happen to anyone. With virtually NO notice; and the "woke" managers will spend YEARS trying to force the facts around the Narrative.

    Elsewhere I said: If you can't afford to lose your job, you're already in trouble. There is NO protection in law or rational supervision, anymore. It happened to me - I was assaulted, on the job and while working...while DRIVING A another employee (a black ex-con having a bad-hair day) and after shutting it all down (our day was 20 minutes from over, anyway) CSX, and its new black Road Foreman, spent six weeks trying to fire ME without firing HIM.

    They finally gave up and brought me back. NO back pay. And the Noble Black, later was singlehandedly responsible for a spill of Nuclear Waste in the Frontier Rail Yard, Cheektowaga, NY. Asleep when he should have been protecting a reverse move with a train, which was carrying radioactive spent rods. The train ran into a string of cars, was off the track, and lading spilled.

    They got what they had coming. Meantime, I knew...unions be damned, I could lose my job for nothing, in the space of two minutes. I sold the house and started looking for another job - and made up my mind, no debt, no overextension, live as cheaply as possible.

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