Can men and women be equal?

In what? At what?

My comments will be followed by a video. It is a neat video to watch if you want to examine pay differences or other major issues.

When I worked for Bell Telephone, we men did the wiring. The women took care of the desk work, doing the forms, taking care of records. We soldered wires to terminals.

I moved to Piledriving. Women did not one thing in the field. We took care of the dangerous work. We were stronger for one thing. What woman wants to use a mallet to hammer in large one foot long spikes? What woman wants to use a heavy sledge hammer to knock out the cushion blocks used to keep the piledriver hammer from obliterating concrete piles? It was tough work. Men did not like any of it.

I spent one final month in pile driving in 1979 when Carter was president. I was trying hard to hang onto my job as a Realtor. But his economy stunk. I called an old boss in piledriving to see if he would hire me back. He agreed to bring me back on his jobs. It was damned hard. I was no longer used to that severely hard work. I was 12 years older too. I saw a woman for the first time on a pile driving job. She was a husky woman but still did not have the power or stamina of the men on the job. She was given jobs that were similar to bookkeeping. I mean the boss never told her to pick up the sledge hammers. I was working for them welding at the time. That job was not hard. But I saw no female welding.

Anyway, do not take this to be that literal that only rough jobs can be discussed. Women do jobs men do not want to do. Do we force the two sexes to stick to equal jobs? Should women do jobs they love and not be forced to drive 12 inch spikes into timbers the way men do?