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Thread: need help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pork Chop View Post
    Only other fault would be a damaged circuit board as mechanically there’s very little to go wrong with them, usually shorted out through water on one particular cycle causing a problem, or in this case opening after the cycle. In which case it’s a new circuit board, but as they bring out regularly updated models, finding an old part is probably more expensive than a whole machine replacement.
    I figured a used $100 washer was cheaper than a board replacement, and easier too. Our laundry is outside under a canopy since Hurricane Michael, and after a good rain, I figured it got wet. I had already salvaged it out of the overturned park model trailer we lost in the Hurricane. The Splendida was one of those washer/dryer combo units, a PITA anyway, and the wash cycle seemed to take forever. Wash and dry 1 load was an all morning or all afternoon ordeal, just not worth the effort anymore.

    Coin Laundries here are gouging after the hurricane. Up to $6 per load to wash. You have to fill the little coin holder twice to make it work! There was a glut of donated clothing available, still is. Many people just wore them until they couldn't take it anymore, then tossed them and got "new" from the local charities.

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    got it to free up by running it with just the cold water hose and drain hooked up. ran it for about 8 minutes. then paused it and set it at rinse and spin. at 5 minutes left on the cycle clock it gave a dc code.
    my GD noticed the locking light was off and i opened the door. comforter is now in bathtub draining. door to washing machine kept open with a sopping up towel over its locking mechanism.
    note to readers. kill all greenies and anyone who appears more concerned about the enviroment then their morality.
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