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Thread: Ca. Gov Newsom: Republican Party is History

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calypso Jones View Post
    LOLOLOL this was done during Obama's admin. It was the end of the repubs. The repugs will not end until conservatives say they are done.
    Republicans will not be able to win a national election. About 50 years ago the Democrats changed the immigration rules to greatly favor their party. In a few more years it will be impossible for Republicans to win. We have just one more Presidential election. Maybe two. Then it is over.

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    When is this dumb mother fucker going to start doing his fucking JOB??????

    Thus far, all he has done, is blame other states, for HIS state's problems, and, wax poetic about the "end of the GOP...."

    WTF does he do, for his state??????

    Now the dumbass is blaming TEXAS....for his state's homeless problem:

    That would be like Tennessee Governor, Bill Lee, blaming Missouri for the country twang in our accents......
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