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    Quote Originally Posted by Crusader View Post
    Yeah when did that crap start.

    Those guys have nerves of steal, all that pressure and then birdie out of a sandbunker. Come on man how do you do that.
    Honestly? Since they were small children, and then through college on golf scholarships...they do nothing but "that shot" thousands and thousands of times in practice...and then of course thousands and thousands of rounds that they play.

    I recall one pro describing how they set up a garbage pail at 100 yards, and endlessly hit balls at that pail. Then set it up for 75 yards, and so on, and so on. Then sand, fringe etc, etc. Day in and day out, year after year.

    Just for any hackers like me, best pro gold tip from a former PGA guy who was my golf teacher way back in the day, was this:

    For very long putts, picture the hole as the size of a tractor tire. You will consistently 2 putt instead occasional 3 putting. Same with fringe chipping.

    Save yourself 4-5 strokes every full 18 round played.
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