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Thread: Morning Joe: Trump Admin most corrupt since Harding

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    Morning Joe: Trump Admin most corrupt since Harding

    Morning Joe: Trump Administration Most Corrupt Since Harding

    ocument" about="/blogs/nb/gregory-price/2019/06/11/morning-joe-trump-administration-most-corrupt-harding">
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    By Gregory Price | June 11, 2019 6:17 PM EDT
    On Monday, Politico ran a story alleging that Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao had steered DOT grants to Kentucky to benefit her husband, Kentucky Senator and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Her office fired back, saying that the projects went through the normal protocol and that they were “selectively isolated to misrepresent the work DOT does across the country.”
    For MSNBC, this was apparently the biggest scandal since Teapot Dome. On a Tuesday segment of Morning Joe, Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson made the wildly a historical and factually inaccurate claims that the Trump administration is the most corrupt since that of President Harding and that the Obama administration was “the cleanest we had seen in a long time”:

    Yeah, I mean, I think you have to go back to the Harding Administration at least to find this level of corruption. I mean let’s call it what it is, it is, to me, this is corruption. And Elaine Chao is not the only example. You just kind of work your way through that swamp creature cabinet of Donald Trump's and then down in the agencies and you just see the most amazing sort of self-dealing and self-enrichment. That’s what he’s brought to Washington. That’s what he’s augmented. After, you know, he follows perhaps the cleanest administration, I should note, that we’ve seen in a long time. Remember in the Obama years, nobody got indicted, nobody got arrested, nobody got convicted. And here we are in what just is a cesspool. It is breathtaking. But, again, that is who Donald Trump is.

    If you’re like Eugene Robinson and don’t know much about history, President Warren G. Harding (1921-1923) led one of the most corrupt administrations in American history.

    In addition to his extramarital affairs, his Attorney General Harry Daugherty accepted bribes not to prosecute certain cases, his Veterans Bureau Director Charles Forbes was sent to prison for conspiracy to defraud the government, and, most famously, his Interior Secretary Albert Fall became the first cabinet official to ever be convicted of a felony for taking half a million dollars from private business in exchange for leases to government oil reserves at Teapot Dome. Out of these scandals came legislation that gave the House and Senate subpoena power over tax records of any American citizen.

    President Obama also did not have the “cleanest administration we’ve seen in a long time.” His administration was rife with scandal from Benghazi, to Fast and Furious where he used executive privilege to shield AG Eric Holder from testifying, to the NSA Spying Scandal where DNI James Clapper committed perjury before Congress, to the VA scandal, to his use of the IRS to target conservative 501c3s, to his use of the DOJ to spy on the Associated Press and then-Fox News D.C. Correspondent James Rosen. Obama administration officials are still causing scandals by meeting with Iranian leaders about American foreign policy.

    Even if the allegations against Secretary Chao are true that she used her position at DOT to help her husband’s re-election campaign, Eugene Robinson’s claims are still completely off-based.

    Sarah Sanders doesn't often mop the White House Press Corp Floor...but when she does, she uses Jim Acosta.

    There is no American free press. They're bought and paid for.

    “Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.”

    The Devil whispered in Trumps ear and said,
    "you're not strong enough to withstand the storm".
    President Trump whispered back,"I am The Storm"!

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    Today we live. Tomorrow we die.
    "Evil is da Devil minus da D"

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    I don't know where people are seeing corruption, are they confusing action and progress, with corruption?

    Apparently, the previous administration has all but been forgotten. (Now, there was corruption, as we are now seeing.) can have anything you want, but you better not take it from me.......GUNS 'N ROSES

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    liberals attacking a black man for his honesty and moral commitment to his country.
    i think Warren died because he did find out about teapot domes
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    Quote Originally Posted by Abbey1 View Post
    I don't know where people are seeing corruption, are they confusing action and progress, with corruption?

    Apparently, the previous administration has all but been forgotten. (Now, there was corruption, as we are now seeing.)
    It's just writing the Daily Narrative.

    Repeat it often enough, and those poor saps on the dark side of the Bell Curve...will believe it.

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    Trump is, hands down, THE most corrupt President, who has left absolutely no evidence of corruption, EVER!

    (I think....he may actually be the criminal mastermind behind SPECTRE. Thus, the reason a British spy was so doggedly after him. Well, that and the money from Fusion GPS.....)
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    Our libel laws need to be strengthened. Joe Scarborough is a clown and I despise him. I hope this scandal ensnares him and his bitch wife, the Russian girl, Mika. /pfft
    If you don't protect what belongs to you, sooner or later it belongs to someone else. -Negan

    The Obama administration was nothing more than highly organized crime. -Common

    The Left is really that dumb. I have been thanking our Extremist friends on the Left all year in advance for Trump's landslide 2020 victory. They are the ones who have worked the hardest for ensure Trump's next victory. -John T. Ford

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    You almost have to feel sorry for these TOOLS of the Democommie party. They have to LIE LIE LIE and the people are SICK OF THEM ALL. I won't watch morning Joe because, I don't want to puke that early. he thinks he can make up shit and WE THE PEOPLE who elected Trump will listen, THINK AGAIN you tool, sheep, cult member of that MOST CORRUPTED party EVER, the Democommie party
    Yep that's why the sleeping Giant of Americans got rid of that thug Obama and his commie hand picked witch Hillary in a pant suit and put in PRESIDENT TRUMP.

    what gets me is these freaking Libs/Democommie cult members truly believe THEY ARE THE MAJORITY when WE JUST PROVED THEM SO WRONG. I LMAO AT THEM

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    they are clowns but not harmless. the zombies still believe what they are told to believe. the commie mission is hell bent on destroying Trump. in doing so they seek to destroy the people who elected him as well.
    "You better get yourself together .. pretty soon you're gonna be dead.” - John Lennon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abbey1 View Post
    I don't know where people are seeing corruption, are they confusing action and progress, with corruption?

    Apparently, the previous administration has all but been forgotten. (Now, there was corruption, as we are now seeing.)
    We all saw corruption in the Obama administration when it was busy corrupting but the media protected Obama better than the Secret Service. Fast and Furious, Hugo Chavez, Castro, Lois Lerner and the not a smidgen of corruption in the IRS, Bowe Bergdahl, spying on the Trump campaign and prepping for the coup.

    President Obama hates America and will work for our destruction.

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