One thingy I shall never "understand" about AMERICA..

Half "decry" UNIONS and Fair Wages..

Lets look back at "History" and lest we NOT "forget thy PAST has "tendecy" 2 REPEAT itself..

Formerly MIDDLE CLASS Towns are now Drug "Ghettos"..

Get rid of the JOBS and "SCUM" just takes "Over"

Also when there was GOOD PAY and Benefits ya

Could PAY a MORTGAGE and buy a New Car every 5 years.

Being a "Home-Owner" as well why people "used" to just take "Pride" in the COMMUNITY and Good Schools too

Nowadays ya either got a CDL to work double the HOURS for your Dads "pay"..

Or ya making $9/ $10 an Hour at the TEMP SERVICE

Then again many just said SCREW THAT..

Cooking Meth..or Crackhouses

Today its HEROIN and "overdoses"

And ya freaking "Morons" PAY for it too weather ya "realize" it ..or not