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Thread: Alisyn Camerota bashes Trump again

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    Alisyn Camerota bashes Trump again

    What the hell is wrong with this two-faced bitch? She was a phony when she was FOX or she's loyal to any bias that pays her. She really opened my eyes a while back when I first saw her true face.

    CNN anchor asks if Trump plans to give a 'foaming at the mouth' speech on July 4 and if his supporters would 'clamor for violence'

    A CNN anchor wondered Monday whether President Donald Trump's planned Independence Day speech this year would be a "foaming at the mouth" speech where people in the crowd "clamor for violence." On Monday, CNN's Alisyn Camerota asked the Washington Post's Josh Dawsey about a speech Trump plans to give on July 4 from the Lincoln

    The president very much wants to give this speech, it sounds like, from the Lincoln Memorial. And you write, "The president's starring role has the potential to turn what has long been a nonpartisan celebration of the nation's founding into another version of a Trump campaign rally." And I'm just wondering, Josh I mean, what kind of speech would he give? Would he give a presidential speech or would he give one of these sort of "foaming at the mouth" speeches that we sometimes see at the rallies where they clamor you know, we hear, we heard it just last week where people in the crowd clamor for violence.

    No details of this speech have yet been released. Without directly addressing the scenario she painted, Dawsey noted in response that even those close to Trump likely "don't know what he's going to say before he gets up there," adding that "the president often goes off teleprompter." Conservatives who have been following CNN's reporting during the Trump era aren't surprised by this rhetoric."CNN's hostility to Trump is now so entrenched, they're even pre-criticizing the president for something he has not said, in a speech that he won't deliver for another seven weeks," Media Research Center Research Director Rich Noyes told TheBlaze. "The self-described 'facts first' network has become an utter parody of itself."

    Video at link

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