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Thread: Seeking an answer about the crucifixion of Christ

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    Quote Originally Posted by jirqoadai View Post
    he was given not just one, but two death sentances. youre right. i dont think Jesus Christ was ready for that. and Pilate erred thinking Julias Ceasar wouldnt care. the pigheaded governor thought he was above the law. do you think if Jesus knew he was to be whipped to death and then cruxified, He wouldve had His men cut a path out to escape the crowd?

    He was frightened...his human the garden at Gethsemanee...otherwise he wouldn't have been sweating blood. OF COURSE he knew what he was in for. But he chose it. HE SAID< I lay down my life and I can pick it up again. I paraphrase but you get the idea. I hope. HE DID IT FOR US. WE are all to blame for what he went through. It was a supernatural holy favor to US!! Tell me. Would you sacrifice one of your children for the life/soul of another person? no. you wouldn't. neither would I. BUT GOD DID. and Jesus KNEW what he was doing. "Let this cup pass from me but if not then your will be done.' and it was.

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