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Thread: Hail Satan? A New Documentary Depicts Devil Worshipers as Unlikely Defenders of the F

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knightkore View Post
    Faith is not blind.
    It absolutely is, and when you are deceived your faith is the conduit by which the lies are conveyed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morning Star View Post
    It absolutely is, and when you are deceived your faith is the conduit by which the lies are conveyed.
    Jesus actually existed. What He did for us is well documented & even the resurrection has ample evidence that would pass in a court.

    Faith is not some fairy tale thing that is based on nothing.

    And if you really think it is not ONLY do you deny what is truth but you have a misguided notion of what faith is.

    But you know what? I'm tired of going around and around with you on this.....

    It is YOUR issue. Deal with it with closed mind or open mind. Not my problem anymore.

    In the meantime enjoy some metal.
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