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Thread: Im "sorry" I apologize too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daily Bread View Post
    No "weening" Karl . You need to stop smoking yesterday - Don't let it beat you .
    Karl. I didn't read this thread until just this minute - our thoughts are with you.

    Quitting smoking is a two-fold process. First physical - Second Mental. A lot of the smoking people do is based on physical acts that are associated with the addiction. I started smoking at 15 and quit at 35. Just decided to do it one day. Had 12-cigarettes left in a pack and an unopened one in the car. That afternoon, on my break, for the first time in years, didn't rush my lunch or break time to smoke a cigarette - skipped it - just that one. At the end of the day, when I left my place of employment, said to myself - don't light up on the way to the car. In the car, decided that I would no longer smoke while driving home or to work, eventually, in a week - had stopped smoking totally in the vehicle.

    I hadn't quit smoking - got nervous - things like that, but kept telling myself the only thing I as a smoker was doing was postponing my next cigarette. The longer I postponed lighting up, the better my little experiment was. Took the unopened pack of cigarettes into the house that evening, put them in the refrigerator (there in case of emergency), and also took two cigarettes only with me, leaving the rest of the unopened pack in the car. One cigarette was for after dinner, or before I went to sleep, the other was for my morning coffee. Just postponing, I had already made 10-hours, and counting in 7-8 hours of sleep, hadn't had a cigarette in 17-18 hours.

    I postponed the morning cigarette on the drive to work; postponed the one you light walking from the parking lot into my place of employment, and kept postponing my next cigarette the entire day, through morning break-lunch-afternoon break-ride home and that evening. Now, the next morning, I have two days racked up in my experiment (was a pack and 1/2 a day smoker at the time).

    The urge to smoke only lasts 5-7 minutes in most people. You can suffer and conquer that short amount of time. That evening I took all the ashtrays I owned (had 18), threw them away. Could use a saucer if needed. Changed some furniture in my place from normal areas where I always smoked out of habit, and was still on my way to becoming an ex-smoker, but I never, ever let myself think I was that, was still a smoker, just postponing.

    When driving, or working, carried a ball-point pen around with me - in my left hand fingers, normal smoker's grip. Kept clicking that routinely (still do it). That little mechanical action actually eased my nerves and kept me focused on the postponing my next cigarette. BTW - 6-years AFTER I had quite for good, was driving to Buffalo from Virginia Beach. Boring trip, 650-miles, and I started to get nervous - asked my brother for a cigarette. He questioned me, but gave me one - all I did was smell it, then put it in that smokers left finger grip - and within two minutes the nervous feeling was gone.

    There are a lot of products on the market to help you quit smoking, but I think most of them replace one addiction for another. If you can avoid or postpone the urge to smoke for 5-minutes, it disappears for awhile. It keeps coming back because you are addicted, but it doesn't hammer at you repeatedly, at least in my little experiment (smoke free for decades now). Reach for the pen instead of the cigarette - you will start feeling better, and prouder the longer you can postpone the NEXT CIGARETTE. And if you fail, don't beat yourself up over it, you are addicted. You fall off of the wagon, just start the process all over again.

    It is a savage addiction, which romances you with cobwebs which eventually turn into holding you with chains. But it isn't impossible to break the habit on your own. My brother served and retired from the Navy Submarine Service - they stay out 90-120 days, he was a heavy smoker and kicked the habit the hard way, because there is no smoking area on a nuclear submarine.

    Karl - don't go to the chewing tobacco - try the postpone method. It will work - you will suffer a little - but you also will reap tremendous psychological rewards as you postpone smoking. If you are smoking a pack a day, take out ten of those cigarettes today and only smoke them - automatically you have cut your intake in half immediately, without the physical suffering. With those ten, postpone lighting up each of them for 10-minutes before you smoke them. Gets you started. Then cut those ten to 9-8-7-6, etc., even if you tell yourself I will only smoke six a day, if you can use the postpone method, you can easily quite at six. Ho Che Minh smoked a cigarette in the morning and one in the evening - died of lung cancer due to smoking.

    OTOH, my Dad quite cold turkey - tough, actually, so did I, but it took me years to tell people I was a non-smoker.
    The day you know you have quit smoking? Great day in your life. How can you tell? You will have gone a couple of days, or a week or so, and suddenly realize that you haven't thought about, or even reached for a cigarette, and you are free. That unused pack of cigarettes I put in my fridge years ago? Still sitting in the crisper in a plastic bag - my reminder that I was able to quit smoking and even can be around smokers and not feel the need for a cigarette.

    Know this is a long-worded post, but if smoking is the problem, and it is a huge problem, every smoker I know wants to quit but thinks they can't, tossing out my experience and success with it. Might not work for everyone, but all those mechanical things associated with smoking also disappear too.

    Good luck - Stan
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    Kind of cheesy but the reason I stopped was I envisioned myself in some hospice with lung cancer and only a few lucid minutes left with the family around me and thinking I let them down and upset their lives . I thought that if I had just stopped a few packs earlier , I would have had a few more minutes with them .
    That did it for me and I never looked back and I feel better than ever and like the Blue Emu ccomercial "No Stink".

    "I am #MamaBear. Anyone threatens my sons and I'll eat them for lunch."
    ​Boycott Everything Nike

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    Take care, Karl. can have anything you want, but you better not take it from me.......GUNS 'N ROSES

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    Good luck Karl. I hope you're able to quit successfully and get much better soon!

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    You are loved here, @Karl.
    You can tell by how manly and rough some guys are. heh.

    I don't know if you want prayers, but you've got mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daily Bread View Post
    Kind of cheesy but the reason I stopped was I envisioned myself in some hospice with lung cancer and only a few lucid minutes left with the family around me and thinking I let them down and upset their lives . I thought that if I had just stopped a few packs earlier , I would have had a few more minutes with them .
    That did it for me and I never looked back and I feel better than ever and like the Blue Emu commercial "No Stink".
    As you go through are lucky to have more than a few very close friends. Ya know...someone that will always be on your side no matter how horrid you can possibly be! Well...I stayed with such a friend for the last three weeks of his life. Watched him turn into a skeleton. Talked about what's going to be there anything on the other side...everything. It was pitiful.....

    Who's next?
    If you don't'll sound like it. And, if you don't tune, your life will sound like it, too. Listen to the intervals. That's where it all hides from you.....

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    You can beat this @Karl .................. Prayers for you.

    "The collusion hoax was designed by idiots, to appeal to imbeciles, and to be spread by morons.
    All parties involved met expectations.

    Dan Bongino

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    You having cancer isn't your fault Karl. My eldest brother died of cancer a couple of years ago, and he never smoked or drank a day in his life. He was only 63.
    You're always drunk last night. LOLOL

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    We all die. Nothing can stop that.

    Christians look forward to dying.

    It is the pagans that are afraid of death.

    Quote Originally Posted by Karl View Post
    Atleast here I know theres people who give a crap about me and I "love" all of ya.

    Im actually kinda waiting on some Lab Test..

    Ya know what though if its worst case

    Please just let me "DIE" & Im okay with that

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    How's it going Karl. Thinking about you. Praying for you.
    Sarah Sanders doesn't often mop the White House Press Corp Floor...but when she does, she uses Jim Acosta.

    There is no American free press. They're bought and paid for.

    “Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.”

    The Devil whispered in Trumps ear and said,
    "you're not strong enough to withstand the storm".
    President Trump whispered back,"I am The Storm"!

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