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Thread: MY City post Name ,Address and Party affiliation on line to public

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    Wow. All we need is driver's licence. We have a boter registration but they ask for the drivers licence
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daily Bread View Post
    New York City Board of Elections Posted All Voters' Names, Addresses and Party Affiliations On Its Website | WNYC | New York Public Radio, Podcasts, Live Streaming Radio, News

    Listen 1 min
    Seal for Board of Elections of the City of New York ( Brigid Bergin / WNYC ) iFor the first time in its history, the New York City Board of Elections has published voter enrollment data on its website, including individual names, addresses and party affiliations for all of the city’s 4.6 million active registered voters.
    The information, arranged in a grid by borough and party affiliation, lists each Assembly district, which in turn links to a PDF that has all the voters in that district arranged by address.
    Voter enrollment information is considered a public record, a fact that surprises and discomforts people not involved with campaigns and elections. But this is the first time the Board has made all the data free and available on its website—for use by candidates and nosy neighbors alike—in a move that’s winning a mix of praise and condemnation from elections experts.
    According to a Board of Elections spokeswoman, the agency posted the information in February after the state legislature passed a package of election reform bills that consolidated state and federal primary elections in June. Traditionally, state and county party primary contests were held in September and only the congressional primary was held in June. The change in primary dates meant candidates had to collect signatures sooner to get on the ballot.
    "It was the method for us to meet our obligations under the new statute and enable candidates to begin the timely gathering of signatures to qualify for the ballot," NYC BOE spokeswoman Valerie Vazquez-Diaz said in statement, adding, "By law, this information is a public record."
    Voter rolls indeed are public record. In years past, when someone wanted to access voter enrollment information, it could be purchased from the Board of Elections in a printed book or on a CD. But Board officials said their print vendor was not able to produce enough copies of the voter enrollment book in time for candidates to begin gathering petition signatures in February, which is why they posted the information online.
    "It’s good, it’s transparent, we like transparency," said election lawyer Jerry Goldfeder. He said the Board should have done this a long time ago as long as they do not include date of birth, email address and phone numbers, which the City Board did not publish online. (Those personal details, however, can still be accessed by people who purchase full copies of the voter rolls.)
    But one person’s transparency is another’s invasion of privacy. Susan Lerner, executive director of Common Cause NY, called the move "shocking," particularly after states, including New York, refused to turn over voter data to the federal government for President Trump’s now defunct voter fraud commission.
    At the time, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo refused to turn over the state’s data calling the electoral process "sacred" and pointing to "strong safeguards in place to prevent sharing of sensitive voter data and harassment against those who exercise their right to vote."
    Common Cause also filed a suit under the federal Privacy Act to prevent the Trump administration from collecting voter data, which the organization argued could be use to target and suppress voting rights across the country. Trump shut down the commission in January, 2018.
    "How in the world is the New York City Board putting voters names and addresses just out on a public website," Lerner said. "That’s wrong."

    I can see publicizing this data allows harassment of conservatives.

    But it also makes it much easier to engage in ballot harvesting and other questionable/illegal vote collecting. Now the state and NYC govt can keep some distance from those activities.

    You might wonder why this is relevant since NY is reliably socialist. They want to drive up the popular vote in socialist states. Trump did not receive the most votes in 2016, the socialists want to repeat that outcome - and make the gap bigger - in 2020 just in case they lose again.

    Their objective is the national popular vote compact. Right now 14 states and DC are in it, giving them 189 electoral votes. They are all socialist states.

    They need 89 more electoral votes, thats maybe 3 more states, and then the popular vote will select the President. That means in reality about 12 big states will determine the election.

    Thats also why the socialist states want open borders and lax election laws and control. California is going to vote for the Democrat in 2020, but the more "votes" they collect the more they can push the national popular vote.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Madison View Post
    In Canada /Quebec they always did it if you don`t pay your house taxes ..put it in classified that Mr or Mrs or the company did not pay taxes...and it goes someday for *kind of auction for best offer

    *but I think it`s if it`s more than a certain time delay
    The bastards (at the City Hall ) give themself the right to do so
    and give you an ultimatum for paying otherwise some companies or other people can get you out and take your house away from you


    Thanks God I have a job and always paid my taxes

    Only TWO thingys "guarenteed" in Life ..

    "Death" and TAXES

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karl View Post
    Eh hears my Cell (262)287-4789..

    Sometimes Im just "lonely" and I like 2 to talk to other people
    Sure it's not 867-5309.
    It takes a FAMILY to raise a child--Not Hitlery Klinton's Socialist, Anti-Family, Nanny-State...I mean, "Village".

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