We’ve had one of these places here in Vegas for 20-some years. I know some people go their first before trying the real thing.
US and French skydivers swept to victory in a number of events at a global competition - but this is not skydiving as you may know it.
Instead of jumping out of planes thousands of feet up in the air, participants at the 2019 FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships compete in a wind tunnel.
Competitors are judged on their performance of a series of moves – either pre-determined or artistic – while balanced on a jet of fast-moving air within the wind tunnel.
Routines last for 45 seconds, and the athletes compete either solo, with a partner, or as a team of four.
The US won gold medals in the Formation Skydiving (FS) 8-Way, Vertical Formation Skydiving, and Dynamic 2-Way events.
Meanwhile the French won gold in the Dynamic 4-Way event and the FS 4-Way (Women) competition – delighting the crowd at the Weembi wind tunnel in Lesquin (Lille), France.