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Thread: Liberal Asking....

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    Liberal Asking....

    April 15th is a good day to consider liberals "asking"....

    Remember being told that the Income Tax is a voluntary tax? Liberals consider paying something rather than having everything you own taken is volunteering. If you listen to liberals on this issue you realize all taxes are LibSpeak.

    Now, it's spreading to private businesses.

    "A few restaurants in Austin, Texas, are the latest to ask diners to chip in a little extra for the sake of their employees’ health and well-being."

    That is a private tax allegedly paying for health insurance. But, it doesn't stop there.

    "Hoover’s Cooking, meanwhile, institutes a mandatory $1 “community value contribution,” the details of which are outlined in a note from owner Hoover Alexander, which is provided with menus.“Just as we value you as a patron, we want to do right by our team of cooks, servers and support staff. An extra dollar might not seem like a lot, but added to your bill, you’re helping provide Paid Time Off [PTO] for each and every employee at Hoover’s Cooking,” the note reads in part.
    “The extra portion of comfort and security PTO brings means that the staffer is healthier, happier, and they enjoy working at Hoover’s because our patrons show they care,” Alexander added."

    Isn't that lovely? Instead of simply raising their prices they want you to agree to pay more to help their poorly paid employees. Now, I thought that's what my 20% tip was doing.

    And the most insulting:
    Foreign & Domestic informs customers of its optional 3-percent surcharge at the bottom of every menu. "If you would like to have this removed, please let your server know," the text reads. (Sarah Heard/Foreign & Domestic)
    The restaurant does have, in tiny print, a comment that if you don't want to pay directly for the health insurance you can tell the poorly paid waitstaff that you won't. Me? I think I'd call the owner.

    As for the extra $1 so the poorly paid staff can have time off? Apparently, that's not optional.

    I've never actually read a bill in a restaurant. Oh, I look at what I ordered and make sure it matches what I received, just this week in a restaurant it didn't, but I don't peruse the addendums. Perhaps I should start.

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    Yes, tell them you don't want to pay, and be assured your food will arrive at your table tainted with who knows what. Skip those establishments entirely.
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