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Thread: Utah teacher forced student to wash off Ash Wednesday cross on forehead, family says

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    ∆Thats about as dumb as it gets . But I expeect nothing more - nothing less
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    And I have no idea what it means .

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    Morons are about the least tolerant folk you will ever find.
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    so i can wear a native bent cross on my forehead for the ending of Needash?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calypso Jones View Post
    Her name is Moana Patterson and she has crazy eyes. Try that as a search terms. We have her photo. here:
    Unless she's a sun-worshipper 2/3 of the way to skin cancer, she's north of 45, possibly north of 50. At her age she really should not be ignorant of the Catholic custom on Ash Wednesday. She "lost it" and thought she could get away with it, and if all she gets is a chewing out, she will have done so.
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