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Thread: Democrats want to limit detention space for immigrants

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Tex View Post
    Democrats want to limit detention space for immigrants

    I'm not sure that's a bad deal. Detain them in "detention spaces" on wheels & drive them back to the border. How about school buses painted the same color as the Mexican flag with a police car in front & they can go faster than the speed limit. We need a much faster turn-a-round anyway.
    Exactly my thoughts. Run out of space? Back to the other side of the border you go. Try another day.[/IMG]

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    Here is the cost of ILLEGAL immigration as of yesterday for just this year alone.

    It takes a FAMILY to raise a child--Not Hitlery Klinton's Socialist, Anti-Family, Nanny-State...I mean, "Village".

    Islam is a religion of violence and terror as practiced by the Islamofascists. The Muslims that do speak out against terror are then terrorized by the Islamofascists and are ignored by the Lap Dog Media.

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    I say we don't need any beds, not a legal citizen, ....


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    They've abandoned this stipulation.
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    I agree with them!

    After all...THEY have plenty of spare bedrooms in which to house these new Americans! (AND a staff of maids and butlers to service them!!!)
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    The detention center in El Centro, California was shut down under Obama.

    I do not know if it was sold to another entity or if it is setting idle.

    What I do know is that when I arrived to work at that location in 1993 it was being remodeled and expanded to hold more detainees.

    I know from personal experience, reading records of proceedings and entering OSCs (Orders to Show Cause) into the computer system and scheduling cases that those who make it to detention centers are not the best of the best. What they are, for the most part is the scum of the earth.

    Sure there were hard working people in deportation proceedings but the were usually on the non-detained docket because their only crime was being in this nation illegally. They were not the rapists, drug dealers, etc that came into detention from state prisons or county jails.

    At that time Immigration Judges would travel, one day a week, to prisons in the area (Calipatria and Centinela) to conduct deportation hearings for those individuals who were about to be released from state custody so they could go right from prison to Mexico or whatever other country they were from. The then I&NS actually had officers working at those prisons who would prepare the charging documents and submit them to the Immigration Court. Do you think that the current administration of the State of California is allowing Immigration Personnel office space at those state prisons? Do you think that there are currently deportation hearings being held at those state prisons? My guess is no because for some reason liberals want the scum of the earth free to roam this country. We have enough of our own scum buckets in this nation, we do not need undocumented scum buckets.

    Just my opinion take it for what you think it is worth.
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