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Thread: Is TRUMP about to give amnesty to dreamers

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    Personally, I think we should.

    Right after we first secure the border.

    Most of the "Dreamers" are American anyways. Raised and educated in the US, we should accept them as new citizens, despite the fact that they effectively "jumped in line," via their parents.

    Plus, this makes for one hell of a bargaining chip: Make the Dims REJECT it solely for their partisan politics.

    Remember: PRODUCTIVE citizens (Who are not a part of the established elites!), are trending TOWARDS the GOP, regardless of race. Many of the "Dreamers" have, and will become "productive" citizens if we allow them the chance.

    FIRST, HOWEVER, we must defend our border.

    Until we do that, ANY discussion of Amnesty, Repatriation, Exile, etc. is absolutely worthless for America (Even if it may win votes and fill campaign coffers for the two Aristocratic Factions....)
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    How about getting rid of people that are not suppose to be here and use the resouces to help real American citizens. "Dreamers" are not Amerclican citizens. They are criminals.

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    Having thought about what the OP in question, an offer of partial amnesty could be rendered, based on the original 26 billion for the Wall being not only passed but work completed. At that point they could apply for citizenship and fast tracked through the process. But until that day the following happens, no dice. Let's see just how "compassionate" the Dimtards are. Ball is in their court.[/IMG]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taylor View Post
    one is crossing an imaginary line and mostly just trying to work and support themselves and their family, and the other is breaking into my house.
    How about you blow across the border checkpoint into Mexico, and if you are not shot or arrested by the Mexican police, turn around and blow back across the border checkout into the US without stopping, and if you are not shot there either, use the imaginary line defense at your trial and let us know how it turns out.
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