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Thread: Perfect hard boiled eggs

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    My favorites were soft-boiled eggs I had in Europe. They came with a cup to use a knife to open them and scoop them out of the shell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sargentodiaz View Post
    I have something similar. The only difference is mine has a sharp pin to make a tiny hole in the shell before cooking it, I always have easy-to-peel eggs.
    Mine does as well.

    This one holds 6 eggs, but you can get one that holds 12 if you need to cook more.

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    Hey, the hard boiled egg method really works, I just, minutes ago, made some!

    So easy to peel, no more peeling away half of the egg.

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    I just use baking soda in the water, cold, add the cold eggs, heat to rolling boil, cook for 10 minutes while full boil. remove and place in COLD water, peel in water as soon as you can handle them. I have no problem and they turn out perfect every time.
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