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Thread: Islamic wrting on Mexico side of existing fence?

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    Islamic wrting on Mexico side of existing fence?

    I do not know if others have seen this. While watching FOX and One America News I have seen videos of a section of existing border fence that appears to have islamic (middle-eastern) writing painted on it.

    Has anyone else noticed?

    If it is in fact middle-eastern writing then it becomes obvious that there are in fact muslim scum entering at our Southern border.
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    Even if it's confirmed, the Democrats will first, deny it, then, condone's what they want, after all.

    Maps should be posted on the Mexican side, with directions to Nancy Pelosi's house, for those who manage to get across... with the caption..."free room and board." can have anything you want, but you better not take it from me.......GUNS 'N ROSES

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