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Thread: Amican dissidents and your vanishing freedom.

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    Amican dissidents and your vanishing freedom.

    American dissidents like Jesse Ventura and Alex jones are canaries in the coal mine dropping from an Orwellian cloud of “hate speech”. The
    US has always had fringe groups that are tolerated to protect our Constitution which has as its foundation the free exchange of ideas. Under our system it is up to the people to decide the veracity of complaints against the government.

    Those who sat in a comparative class during the Cuban missile standoff remember that critics of the Soviet system were promptly silenced. Instructors in those classes that were underway during the Cuban Missile standoff, would be appalled at the direction our society has veered into which is chillingly identical to Soviet policy of the times.

    The sinister machinery of Soviet policy was always based on a calculated, top-down manipulation of a group thought process intolerant of and hostile to ideas critical of what was then soviet “political correctness”.

    The great lie that occurred in 1989 was that communism was
    dead. The Wall preventing escape came down but it was really just a change in
    strategy that government in the US adopted as it co-opted education and held it
    hostage to funding that did not toe the line of the Great Society and War on
    Poverty. These tactics were employed to indoctrinate a free population into a
    balkanized, chaotic crusade against free thinking based on identity politics.

    Alternative thinking is a crucial component of American
    society and fringe groups have always existed to protect citizens from what the
    line in the 1967 song by the Strawberry Alarm Clock, “Incense and Peppermints”,
    warned of: a yardstick for lunatics; one point of view.

    Incense and peppermints were used in the 1960’s to mask the odor
    of marijuana. Today weed is being legalized nationally to stupefy the
    population making it easier to brainwash it into the “new” global transition of
    world government that sees our constitution as a threatening wrench in the
    gears slowing the progress of world socialism that is obviously Soviet
    Communism on steroids.

    The soviets lost the economic war but that was a charade;
    they won the ideological one as educators in our society along with a
    prostituted monkey-see-monkey-do press plaster a swastika on an uncooperative
    president while they march behind the banner of a planetary hammer and sickle.

    It’s the same old story; same old song and dance my friends.
    Say goodbye to your freedom.
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