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Thread: James Woods Video of Actual Birth of a Democrat

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    James Woods Video of Actual Birth of a Democrat

    James Woods Video of Actual Birth of a Democrat and Its Just as Disturbing as Youd Think

    Always gutsy actor James Wood is mocking Democrats with a hilarious and apt comparison to a bratty teenager.

    On Friday, Woods tweeted a clip from the Dr. Phil talk show featuring a teenage girl who demanded a massive allowance and a luxury car and broke down in tears at the idea of getting a job.

    In a rare television event, we are witness to the actual birth of a Democrat, he said. Lets take a peek

    James Woods

    In a rare television event, we are witness to the actual birth of a Democrat. Lets take a peek...


    10:48 AM - Jan 9, 2019

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    The girl in the clip is upset with her mother for not giving her enough allowance. She says she cant deal with the measly $1,000 a month her mom wants to give her.

    I need her to understand I need at least $2,500 a month, the teenager says.

    She also feels shortchanged by the car her mother wants to give her a Mercedes C-Class. I need my G-Wagon, the girl declares.

    When Dr. Phil tells her that his own car doesnt cost $231,000, she responds, Well, I want to. Were talking about me here.

    Do you think the girl will be a Democratic voter?

    99% (901 Votes)
    1% (6 Votes)

    The teenager was also extremely averse to his advice that she get a job and contribute to society instead of just taking from it. (Remind you of anyone?)

    You need to work out something where she becomes productive and makes a contribution to society, Dr. Phil told her mother.

    Absolutely she needs a job, he continued.

    The girl was having none of this. She started crying and moaning, Nooo.

    No, I dont want a job, she cried. Its so much work.

    Once the comparison is made, its hard not to see similarities between the girls attitude and those of some Democrats.

    Feels entitled to the fruits of other peoples work? Check.

    Arrogant and selfish? Check.

    Contributes nothing to society while having a deep-seated hatred of actual work? Double check.

    As Woods points out, shes a born Democrat voter!

    Other Twitter users responded to the girls temper tantrum.

    Theresa M. Giarratano@TMGiarratano

    Replying to @michaelkeyes

    I stopped being a liberal the day my parents kicked me out of the house. Thus began my career in the military.

    And her parents? THEY need to be put in check for raising her this way.


    7:16 PM - Jan 8, 2019
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    Steve S@ss31704_s

    Replying to @RealJamesWoods

    Can you say "spoiled" Can you say "brat"? Now say them one after each other...Perfect Democrat.


    1:08 PM - Jan 9, 2019
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    See William Waring's other Tweets

    The girls behavior is obviously over-the-top, and its anyones guess whether her display is real or made for television but Woods joke hits a kernel of truth.

    Thats not to say that there are no decent, hardworking Democrats there certainly are.

    But as the party continues its disturbing trend of allying itself with socialism and belittling hardworking Americans, its easy to see how the analogy applies.

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    That's definitely the view of those that think Crazy-Eyes Cortez is awesome. Money isn't important provided that they get to take what others have worked their whole lives to earn.
    It takes a FAMILY to raise a child--Not Hitlery Klinton's Socialist, Anti-Family, Nanny-State...I mean, "Village".

    Islam is a religion of violence and terror as practiced by the Islamofascists. The Muslims that do speak out against terror are then terrorized by the Islamofascists and are ignored by the Lap Dog Media.

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