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Thread: Demoted and Shameless Scott Israel Blames Politics, the NRA and everybody but him.

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    Demoted and Shameless Scott Israel Blames Politics, the NRA and everybody but him.

    Posted on January 11, 2019 by Miguel.GFZ
    Demoted and Shameless Scott Israel Blames Politics, the NRA and everybody but him.

    Not only he blames all those mentioned above but he announced that he will sue the Governor and run for Sheriff again in 2020. The same lack of shame he had at the Town Hall blaming the NRA and Dana Loesch for what happened at Parkland when he already knew his deputies had failed miserably is what I saw coming out of him.
    And you can tell the Broward Democrat Machine was in full gear. Just look at the rainbow coalition that “come” to support him.

    He went to “review” his actions in Broward, how crime dropped, how they feed starving children, etc. All the sacred points of the Liberal playbook. And you have the beautiful representation of Broward people standing behind him and his lawyer in support. Except there is one group of people you don’t see and certainly did not come forward to the mikes to speak in defense of Israel: The parents of the victims of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre.
    Where were the parents? With Governor DeSantis.

    Holy crap, when you cannot get even one parent to speak up for you at your own press conference, how bad do you screwed up?
    And here is the kick in my opinion, unless DeSantis cleans up the Broward County Supervisor of Elections’ office, Israel will likely be “re-elected.”
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    " It takes very little to govern good people. Very little. And bad people cant be governed at all. "
    ― Cormac McCarthy “No Country for Old Men” (2005)

    "The two most important days of your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why."
    -Mark Twain.

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    even the mooslum scum come out in force for this.

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    The NRA should cap his ass.
    I have a marvelous economy with words.

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    Like a true commie, he thinks that he did nothing wrong and it's all someone else's fault.

    I hope that his Sheriff run goes down in flames.

    The telling part is that none of the parents of the school shooting are behind him. Commies just don't get it.
    It takes a FAMILY to raise a child--Not Hitlery Klinton's Socialist, Anti-Family, Nanny-State...I mean, "Village".

    Islam is a religion of violence and terror as practiced by the Islamofascists. The Muslims that do speak out against terror are then terrorized by the Islamofascists and are ignored by the Lap Dog Media.

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    Great link. Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Kirk! View Post
    The NRA should cap his ass.
    nah, just hoist him up in a tree and let him kick til he's done.
    Μολών λαβέ

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    Yank his Leo carry prividleges & CHL/CWP/CCW ...

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