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Thread: Coward gun banning sheriff Scott israel gets what he deserves

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traddles View Post
    Here's the new sheriff in town. Evidently he had been a sergeant in neighboring Coral Springs PD. He probably knows the territory, geographically and personnel.
    A bit of a surprise, the choice, but the Governor did hint earlier that a replacement would have leadership and active shooter credentials. Coral Springs Police the department who got to the shooting scene within three minutes, and later captured the subject, but who were not allowed into building 1200 by one of the suspended deputies of BSO also had a Sergeant on the shooting scene who was being considered.

    Just suspending Israel, who lost a no-confidence vote from his deputies 594-97 I believe, should resign. BSO does not provide active-shooter drills for their deputies, at least the ones who were assigned in the schools. Now what has to happen is all of Israel's command structure organization deputies need to be replaced also. Return them to regular rank and road patrol.

    BSO is a political football law enforcement agency under Israel who has served as the Sheriff twice. We voted him out once and then voted him back in again the next election. No sense in letting him go and leaving his command structure, which is all political, in place. This is a department bereft of leadership, training and a protect the public attitude for years. Local departments like Hollywood, Miramar, Coral Springs, Davie, and Pembroke Pines police easily outshine them in performance routinely.

    If any deputy was ever suspected of not being loyal to Israel, they were run out of the agency quickly. Appearance over performance is the BSO norm under Israel. He could challenge this in court - but I don't think he will - and newly appointed Sheriff is in until the 2020 election. Thought Scott would do this on his final day as Governor, but he left it up to Nunez.

    Hopefully, it is a good choice, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood, Florida is a wonderful place to live - but with politicians like Brenda Snipes in the Elections office and Israel in the Sheriff's office, the highest elected official in every county in the U.S., we deserve better than the self-inflicted wound electing these two unqualified politicos to office cost us in reputation and quality of life. More importantly in life itself as our school children were gunned down, and BSO and the schools and the FBI, despite overwhelming evidence something was amiss with the shooter prior to the Stoneman-Douglas attack, failed to act .......-Stan-
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    I bet in his own mind he is a Socially Liberal Fiscally Conservative Demotarian

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