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Thread: PELOSI: Illegals Killing Americans ‘Not a Justification’ for Stricter Border Security

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don29palms View Post
    The worst part her BS speech is she doesn't realize what she is saying. Just like Acosta saying there's no crisis because noone is rushing the wall.
    This is true for ALL the Democrats!

    They don't know what the fuck they're saying!!!

    They are trying to argue from a moral position, but the truth is they are completely ignorant of reality. They're living inside a moral fantasy, it has absolutely no relationship to the real world.

    They are utopian, idealistic, and maybe even moral in their own minds, but when it comes to implementation, these people SUCK. This sucks so bad it becomes dangerous.

    These ignorant moralistic dumbshits should NOT be allowed near positions of power!

    The Republican strategy should be to fractionate the Democratic party, because there is clearly a deep State wing and a socialist wing, and those two philosophies are completely incompatible, and any first-year strategist would try to drive a wedge between them. Why this is not happening, is anyone's guess. I suspect it's because the Deep state is paying people to make it not happen.

    One of the few Solutions I see, is to bankrupt the Deep state. That is entirely possible, but there are problems on the way to a decent outcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Molly Pitcher View Post
    I'd like to see armies of bulldozers go to all the homes of people like Pelosi, Schumer, Clintons, Obamas, Moonbeam, etc, and knock down all the walls around their homes, and remove any armed security they have.
    Yep let them live in a pole barn.
    Yep, I'd wrap that in bacon! KEEP AMERICA GREAT, TRUMP 2020
    Report illegal aliens, call ICE @ 1-866-DHS-2ICE (347-2423)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dinosaur View Post
    Every night for months, the MSM tried to convince us there is a crisis at the border, showing made up photos of kids in cages, real photos of kids crying upon being caught and separated, reports that BP could not reunite kids with parents. All of these problems, ironically, are the result of NOT having a wall. Now, they try to convince us that there is no crisis that warrants a wall, while talking about children dying in custody. Pelosi thinks 2 children dying of flu while in BP custody is horrible, but thinks American deaths at the hands of illegals is OK? Pelosi seems to have crossed the same crazy line that Mr Acosta crossed earlier today. Walls work, which is exactly why the Dems oppose the wall.
    That woman has no soul. Not an accusation made lightly, either. A number of Liberals fit that description, as well, but she is the epitome of emptiness.
    This message has been hidden because CNN is on your ignore list.

    When you are dead, you don't know that you are dead.
    It is difficult only for the others.
    It is the same when you are stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2cent View Post
    That woman has no soul. Not an accusation made lightly, either. A number of Liberals fit that description, as well, but she is the epitome of emptiness.
    She has no BRAIN.

    Her puppetmasters tell her to bleat this idiocy, and she does - not realizing how incongruous it is, or how bad it makes her look.

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    Nancy and her bunch could just issue more fly swatters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madison View Post

    Mark Dice is always worth watching!

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    But let one Gay teen be harrased or Killed in some Montana backwater and its an International incident

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