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Thread: What do you imagine Civil War in the USA would be like in the 21st Century?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave37 View Post
    A Spanish type of civil war maybe but I'd still bet the sheep will be controlled and any resistance will just be demonized by the MSM.
    In a real civil war, the MSM would be vaporized very early on, along with the rest of life as we know it.
    A huge problem I see with those who like to throw the idea of civil war around is that they have zero concept of what it means.

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    The idea that the Leo’s & Military would side with the Illegals & MS13/ eMe & La Raza/mecha and the SEIU/ CPUSA street rabble is halarious
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    It isn't something I want to think about or can even imagine. I am somewhat eager to leave Oklahoma so that I can live closer to family and friends, but I believe I would be safer here if our nation fell to Civil War. My neighbors are all gun-toting conservatives and we live out in the country far enough that the opposition might not get to us quickly.

    From what I have observed that the Left is willing to do, a real war would be brutal.

    What I think will happen though is that the Left will just continue what it is doing now and either their silent coup against Trump will succeed or they will win the presidential election in 2020 and it will all be over for Conservatives.

    The SCOTUS can be threatened and bribed and extorted. John Roberts changing the wording of the Obamacare bill so that it could pass muster with the Constitution proved that. So that firewall is a weak one.

    Those we elected can also be threatened, bribed, and extorted....... Jason Chafetts, Trey Gowdy, and other Lefties quit and went home after not being able to do anything at all while they were serving. [it's possible they were phonies to start with, but ]

    Trump, our last hope, is being accused of the craziest things and many people across the country believe the lies told about him.

    My thought is that there will be no all out war. If any Conservative stands up to the Left, and wins in court or election, there will be violence brought by the Left. Ultimately the Democrats will win the elections (by cheating of course) and Conservatism, along with our Constitution will be buried under the lies and behavior of Democrats in power.

    Our children and grand children will adapt to a's be honest here........Communist way of life. People will be exterminated in ways that are presented as "humane". And life will go on.

    God gave us Trump as a reprieve, not as a Savior. I have faith that even if things go as I have described that it is in God's plan. And I have faith that the remnant of God's people will never be exterminated. It will all be okay in the end no matter what happens.

    These are interesting days, indeed. Sorry this is so long....

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    All the officers siding with the South. This time a lot more NCOs southern too. And also this time the UP and Wisconsin being part of it. As would be Wyoming and SD. Big question would be which way the Mormons would go.
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