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Thread: Rep Congressman Demands DOJ “Immediately Cease” Federal Funding For Nation of Islam

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    Rep Congressman Demands DOJ “Immediately Cease” Federal Funding For Nation of Islam

    On Monday, Congressman Vern Buchanan (R-FL) demanded the Department of Justice immediately cut off federal funding to the Nation of Islam.

    The letter addressed to AG Matthew Whitaker cited the Washington Examiner’s December of 2018 report which revealed the Nation of Islam was receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal funding to teach Islam to prison inmates.

    According to the Examiner, Nation of Islam leaders have received at least $364,500 in contracts and awards from the U.S. Bureau of Prisons and the Department of Justice between fiscal 2008 and fiscal 2019.

    Thanks, Obama!

    “As you may know, the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center have designated the Nation of Islam as a hate group for its racist and anti-Semitic beliefs,” Buchanan wrote.

    “The federal government should not use taxpayer dollars to subsidize one of the most infamous hate groups in the United States,” Buchanan added. “That’s why I’m demanding your department immediately cease all contracts with the Nation of Islam and prohibit it from receiving any contracts in the future.”

    In June of 2018 Louis Farrakhan tweeted about the “satanic Jew.”
    In October Louis Farrakhan compared Jews to termites.

    In November Louis Farrakhan led chants of “Death to America!” in Tehran.


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    Last time I checked there was an amendment recently ratified to the Constitution that prohibited Congress from establishing religions.

    And tgat means no federal tax dollars.

    And there have been numerous court rulings forbidding the teaching of reliance in schools.

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