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Thread: Bill Warner, PhD: Islam and Liberal Principles (1/07/19)

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    Bill Warner, PhD: Islam and Liberal Principles (1/07/19)

    Bill Warner, PhD: Islam and Liberal Principles (1/07/19)

    Political Islam

    Published on Apr 27, 2016

    Bill Maher is a self-declared liberal who has the courage and sense to condemn Islam’s brutality against women. And Mr. Maher gets the same response from liberals that I get. He is called a bigot. But, look at what Islam does to liberal principles. I used Wikipedia to get this list:

    Freedom of speech: Sharia does not allow anybody to say anything negative about Mohammed and Allah.

    Freedom of press: Mohammed cartoons.

    Freedom of religion: An apostate from Islam can be killed. Even an atheist wants people to be free to choose what they believe.

    Civil rights: all non-Muslims are Kafirs, who are third class subjects under Sharia law.

    Democratic society: A Kafir does not have the same rights as a Muslim under Islam.

    Secular governments: Secular is not Sharia. Islamic government is a theocracy.

    Why do liberals and progressives defend an Islam that will destroy all they find so valuable?

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