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Thread: Rep paul gosar plans to seek charges of treason against 4 fbi officials for treason

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    "We elected a Subersive, Communist, Anti-American, Radical Islamic Saboteur to the highest office in the land, at a time when we were under attack by Radical Islam."

    Where do you get this "we" shit?
    " It takes very little to govern good people. Very little. And bad people cant be governed at all. "
    ― Cormac McCarthy “No Country for Old Men” (2005)

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    Quote Originally Posted by traddles View Post
    us constitution, article iii, section 3:

    we are not, officially, at war with any nation. Political opposition, however criminally carried out, is not an act of war.

    What the dnc, clinton campaign, perkins coie, fusion gps, christopher steele, and several obama administration officials have done may be seriously criminal, but it is not treason. The us constitution defines treason, and what they have done does not meet that definition.
    The November 2018 elections represent a lynchpin event, regardless of the outcome.

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