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Thread: Presstitute induced recession

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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterVeritis View Post
    Anyone could say this at any time and be right. Given that your comment is essentially useless.
    Good to see you're bothered. Our corrupt banking system came to be in 1913. Now the Rothschilds are being fired.
    USA, Russia and China are working together to create a digital banking system that will not be a one world system, but will eliminate paper.
    This has been in the works for years. Catch up.

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    Back when Trump linked himself with the stock market gains I openly said that it was the biggest mistake that he had made. If you think about it 10 ultra rich democrats could probably tank the stock market by selling all of their holdings a few months before the next election. The market would crash & they could buy back their holding at lower amounts & might even make money on the deal.

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