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Thread: The Surprising Story of the First Thanksgiving

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    Cool The Surprising Story of the First Thanksgiving

    It wasnít like all the stories made it out to be. Hereís a couple of facts about the real thing;
    They didnít have furniture so there was no sitting around tables.
    Forks didnít exist so they probably ate with their hands using their knives.
    Turkeys were thin and gamy but waterfowl were plentiful. So were eels. Lots and lots of eels.
    No yams as they hadnít made their way from Peru yet. Same with potatoes and tomatoes. Lots of turnips and cabbage.
    Oh yeah, corn. But not like the kind we know today.
    And donít forget the ones that thought they didnít have to lift a hand as everything would be given to them.
    Itís a long article but tells you lots of things you probably never knew.
    And so thatís another thing, I suppose, when weíre imagining them sitting on the ground eating with their hands, letís imagine them wearing orange and red and yellow, not black. They werenít wearing buckles because they actually disliked any kind of adornment like that.
    The women didnít wear jewelry of any kind and so forth. So they wouldnít have had that, but lots of bright colors. In fact, the will for William Bradford, the inventory of his estate shows that he had a red vest and a purple cape, among other things. So these folks wouldíve been pretty striking, I think, in their fashion sense if nothing else.
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    I was unaware that both of you are that old. Amazing!!

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